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Machine shops aren't generally known for their cleanliness and aesthetic appeal. Grease, grime and oil, chemicals, soldering, welding and heavy machinery can make quite a mess of your machine shop. Your shop floor likely suffers the most abuse from extreme wear and tear. Stains, cracks, and breaks in your concrete cement floor aren't just unappealing to look at, they can pose a risk to employees and anyone who may come into your facility.

If your commercial machine shop is the site of shift work and a 24/7 operation, then you surely don't want the interruption of repairing your floor after consistent damage. However, left unaddressed, some of the repairs could cause tripping, slipping, falling and many other liabilities, which could end up causing a whole lot more than shutting down for repairs. Lawsuits and fines, or shut-downs, from regulatory agencies could cause problems for your shop, should you not address repairs in your flooring.

When you run a busy machine shop, you have orders to complete and product to get out on time. You can't afford taking time away from your business for floor repairs or maintenance. Time is money and your livelihood depends on efficient management of both. That's why investing in floor coating for machine shops makes good business sense. Your employees won't need to interrupt their work flow for repairs to the flooring, or replacement of floor coating. Floor coating for machine shops is made to last years, and withstand punishment.

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